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Prof. dr. Elselijn Kingma

Bijzondere leeropdracht: ‘Filosofie en Techniek vanuit humanistisch perspectief’.

Elselijn Kingma

Elselijn Kingma is Teaching and Research Associate at the University of Cambridge, in the Dpt of History and Philosophy of Science. Previously she was a Research Fellow on concepts of Health and Disease at the Wellcome Centre for Humanities and Health/Department of Philosophy, King's College London, and before that Post-Doctoral Fellow at the department of Bioethics, National Institutes of Health (NIH), Washington DC.

Elselijn's academic interests lie in Philosophy of Science and Philosophy of Mind, and her research focuses on Philosophy of Medicine, Philosophy of Biology and Philosophical Bioethics. She is presently engaged in a Wellcome-funded research project on Concepts of Health and Disease, and investigating the epistemology of Evidence-Based Medicine.

Elselijn studied Clinical Medicine (MSc) and Cognitive Psychology (MSc) at the University of Leiden (the Netherlands) between 1999 and 2004. From 2004-2008 she read History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Cambridge where she obtained the degrees of MPhil and PhD.

Philosophy Journals
Kingma, E. (2012) ‘A note on being healthy – reply’ Diametros; 31: 136-137. (Invited Response)
Kingma, E. (2011) ‘What is Philosophy of Medicine?’ Paradigmi (Invited Paper in Special Issue on the Philosophy of Medicine), 11-28.
Kingma, E. (2010) ‘Paracetamol, Poison and Polio; why Boorse’s account of function fails to distinguish health and disease’ British Journal for the Philosophy of Science; 61, 241-264.
Kingma, E. (2007) ‘What is it to be healthy?’ Analysis; 67, 128-133.

Kingma, E. (2012) ‘Health and Health Promotion’ (Inaugural Lecture). Einhoven.

Book Chapters
Kingma, E. (forthcoming) ‘Naturalist Accounts of Disorder’ In: Fulford, K.W.M., Davies, M., Graham, G.; Sadler, J., Stanghellini, G. & Thornton, T. (Eds.) Oxford Handbook of Philosophy and Psychiatry. Oxford: OUP.
Kingma, E. (2012) ‘Health and Disease: social constructivism as a combination of naturalism and normativism’ In: Carel, H. & Cooper, R. (Eds) Health, Illness and Disease: Philosophical Essays. Durham: Acumen Publishing
Stewart, P. & Kingma, E. (2006) The Virginal Body: an instrument of seduction? In: Timmerman, A., Jardine, N., & Banham, D. (eds.) The Body as Instrument. Whipple Museum of the History of Science.

Medical Journals
Loughlin, M., Bluhm, R., Buetow, S., Upshur, R.G., Goldenberg, M.J., Borgerson, K., Entwistle, V., & Kingma, E. (2012) ‘Reason and Value: making reasoning fit for practice’ [Editorial]. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice; 18, 928-937.
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Wagner, S., Kingma, E., & McCabe, MM. (2012). ‘Interdisciplinary Workshop in the Philosophy of Medicine: Death. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice; 18, 1072-1078.
Kingma, E. (2012) ‘Wie beslist over de plaats van bevalling? Morele rechten en plichten rond the bevalling.’ [Who decides about the place of birth? Moral rights and duties surrounding delivery]. Tijdschrift voor Verloskunde [Dutch Journal for Midwifery], -
Kingma, E., Chisnall, B. & McCabe, MM. (2011). ‘Interdisciplinary Workshop on Health and Disease: report’. Journal of Evaluation in Clinical Practice; 17, 1018-1022.
Kingma, E. (2011) ‘The Lancet’s Risky Ideas: rights, interests and home-birth’ International Journal for Clinical Practice; 65, 918-920.
Kingma, E. (2010) ‘Home Birth: distinguishing rights and interests’ [Correspondence] The Lancet; 376, 1298.
van Duijn, E., Kingma, E.M., Timman, R., Zitman, F.G., Tibben, A., Roos, R.A.C. & van der Mast, R.C. (2008) ‘Cross-Sectional Study of Prevalences of Psychiatric Disorders in Mutation Carriers of Huntington’s Disease Compared With Mutation-Negative First-Degree Relatives’ Journal of Clinical Psychiatry; 69, 1804-10.
Kingma, E.M., van Duijn, E., Timman, R., van der Mast, R.C. & Roos, R.A.C. (2008) ‘Behavioural Problems in Huntington’s Disease using the Problem Behaviours Assessment’ General Hospital Psychiatry; 30, 155-61. 
van Duijn, E., Kingma, E.M. & van der Mast, R.C. (2007) ‘Psychopathology in verified Huntington’s disease gene carriers’ Journal of  Neuropsychiatry and Clinical Neurosciences; 19, 441-448.
Montagne, B., Kessels, P.C., Kammers, M.P.M., Kingma, E., Haan, E.H.F. de, Roos, R.A.C. & Middelkoop, H.A.M. (2006) ‘Perception of emotional facial expressions at different intensities in early-symptomatic Huntington’s Disease’ European Neurology; 55, 151-154.

Kingma, E. (2012) ‘Vrouwenquotum overwint vooroordelen’ [Women’s quota conquer prejudice]  NRC Handelsblad [Dutch national newspaper] 8 November. Reprinted as ‘We plaatsen iedereen in een hokje’ [We pigeon hole everyone] NRC Next [Dutch national newspaper] 13 November.
Kingma, E. (2012) ‘Wie beslist over de plaats van bevallen’? [Who decides about the place of birth?] Trouw [Dutch national newspaper] 18 July. Reprinted in Spectrum Magazine (forthcoming).

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